We focus on the service providing an all inclusive experience whereas you have nothing to worry about! 

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Enclosed Booths

Enclosed systems are great for any event of which have guests that are thought to have a better time taking images in a private environment. 

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Social Open Booths

Open systems provide a larger better fit environment for large crowds that will get along and laugh with those using the booth. Its a more social experience. 


Angelica wont leave the booth crying. fast, unlimited crisp on site printing and delivery


Be who you want to be, props hand crafted and professionally made

Booth Butler

Its okay to be clueless! On site attendant will take care of it

Digital Delivery

Even after Angelica loses her print, you can pull out your flashdrive! Or better yet, download them online free* 

Ready to fall in love? 

Contact Us to book the perfect harmony of prints, props, smiles and laughter. The only thing missing is your friends to fill the memory book with 

Hours of Operation

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Friday -  9am - 7pm
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